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The morning rays peered through the inn window, waking Giselle from her slumber. She and her animal friends (who, under Pip’s direction, had found her minutes after Edward had made his departure) had been up most of the night working on the most perfect, most beautiful dress imaginable. And it was nearly perfect. It was fit for a princess.

But oh, a princess couldn’t be late to her very own wedding!

Giselle sits up in bed instantly. Her normal drawn out yawn only lasts a second as she peers out the window into the sky above. It was too sunny to be dawn. That meant – Oh no!

“It’s morning already? Oh! Oh, I’m going to be late!” She looks frantically around the room. The dress is on the mannequin where they had left it. The makeup table had already been prepared. But there was something – nay, someone – missing.


“Right behind ya,” her chipmunk friend replies. He jumps down from the shelf onto the sheets. “Jeez, Giselle, whatcha think you are? Sleeping beauty? Don’t ya know we have a wedding to get to?”

“I know!” Giselle sighs, holding out a hand. Pip hops into it and, seconds later, she’s risen from the bed towards the windows. “And I can’t possibly do this alone.”

As Pip scampers off of her hand and on to the ledge, she leans out the window. Of all the silly things she could possibly do. Why, there was still a quick scrub, and then makeup, and hair, and the dress itself! It wasn’t even complete yet. But Giselle never learned how to be angry. As far as she knows, Angry is only one of Briar Rose’s friends: one of those dwarfs living deep in the other side of the woods. So it is only with a hint of worry that she calls out to her friends:

“Aaaaiah aaaaiah aaaaaaaah!”

“Giselle!” exclaim the birds as they fly in through the window, already darting towards the water and towel behind the changing curtain.

“Giselle!” cry the rabbits as the scamper towards the dress, already preparing the final touches.

“Giselle,” cries Pip. “Giselle, honey, come on. We’ve got a wedding to put on!”

She giggles, stepping away from the window at her friend’s insistence. Oh, how she had almost forgotten that there were still things to do! She must have been so caught up in her thoughts, in dreams of Edward and… oh, Edward. It was only mere hours until they’d be man and wife, until she’d be Princess Giselle, until she’d finally have her happy ever after! How could she possibly think of anything else?

“I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss,” Giselle begins to sing as Pip ushers her about, “and a prince I know to come with this…”

“Later!” Pip demands, pushing her behind the changing curtain. “Right now, I gotta get you hitched.”


The entire carriage ride over is spent in a daze. Edward, as thoughtful as he is handsome, had sent a beautiful cream and gold carriage led by a team of white horses. Of course, in Andalasia, there was no need for a horseman. Giselle had spent the entire ride (all five minutes of it) staring out the window. She watched as the peasants threw flower petals from baskets and how the children waved in the streets. Everyone seemed as every bit excited as she was. How glorious!

And then? Then the carriage comes to a stop in front of the most beautiful castle Giselle had ever seen. She stares up at its magnificence, excited jitters racing through her. The church bells ring happily and Giselle laughs. Oh, she is getting married! To her own blue eyed bliss and, within the hour, they would intertwine their fates together for all of forever. Oh!

Oh!” Giselle gasps as she finally notices Edward’s squire. She hadn’t seen him before flinging the door open. How utterly careless of her! “Excuse me! I am so sorry!”

Getting out of the carriage isn’t as difficult as she imagined, despite the trail of white silk and the broad hoop skirt surrounding her waist. The dress really is perfect, with puffy sleeves fit for a princess and the narrow tapering of her waist. The jewelry Edward had sent adorned it perfectly. She’s ready, oh so ready. And oh so nervous.

“Oh, am I late?” Giselle gasps, suddenly remembering her late start to the morning. “I do—I do hope I’m not late.”

Nathaniel attempts to reply in the background. He also attempts a bow but Giselle notices neither. She’s too busy staring up at the castle’s towers. She giggles again, flouncing and jumping. “I just… oh, thank goodness!”

Then, she runs off despite Pip’s screams of protest. It doesn’t matter if they’re done with the dress. The dress is perfect enough. She just wants to see Edward. So caught up in that mission, she doesn’t notices as the rabbits tie a bow around her waist. She does notice the new weight of a tiara on her forehead. Giselle looks up and smiles. “Oh, thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Giselle,” the birds chime happily.

She giggles again, running further up the stairs and into the doors to the courtyard. She’s almost to the chapel. She’s so close to becoming Edward’s wife. Just think… oh, don’t think! This is far too exciting to keep inside.

“And just think,” she finally concedes to telling Nathaniel. Giselle turns her head for a moment to look at him as she continues her run. “Just think, in a few moments, Edward and I, that he and me! Oh, that we…!”

Then, almost out of nowhere, an old woman crosses into Giselle’s path. She stops suddenly and gasps. An eyebrow goes up and her blue eyes widen. She can’t help but cringe. “Oh my!”

The woman is truly ugly. But that thought only lasts for a moment. Truly there is more to people than outer appearances. As long as the woman has good intents, Giselle has absolutely no quarrel. Except for now: she is in such a hurry to get to the chapel. If the woman would like to accompany her, well, she’d be more than welcome. But until then--

“Oh, what a lovely bride,” the woman states as she takes a step towards Giselle. She holds out her hands in an odd sort of greeting.

“Oh, that’s very kind of you!” Giselle smiles before attempting to go around the woman. But her attempt to dodge is in vain and the woman blocks her path again. Oh, this cannot do! She has to be going. She has to find Edward! “I’m sorry, but I really must be going…”

“Oh no.” The woman waves her hands again, still standing right in front of Giselle. “I have a wedding gift for you, child.”

But Giselle doesn’t want a wedding gift. She’s jumpy enough as is due to the upcoming nuptials and this woman only puts her more on edge. She wants Edward. She wants her happy ever after. There’s nothing else that she needs.

“Thank you,” she answers, smiling happily again. “But I really must be going.”

This time, she does manage to get around the old woman. Before she can take more than a step away, though, the woman grabs her wrist and begins to lead her to a wishing well.

“Oh, but…but all my wishes are about to come true!”

But the old woman is insistent. Well, if it is to give this lady one last joy in life… There really can’t be harm in that. And if she is correct, and a wish is even more magical on one’s wedding day, that can’t quite hurt either. Giselle lets herself be led over. The less she protests, the quicker she makes her wish, the sooner she can see Edward. And it is a beautiful well.

“That’s right, that’s it. Lean in close,” the woman encourages. “Are you wishing for something?”

“Yes I am.”

Giselle smiles and stares down in to it. She’s so close to having her wishes come true. So close. She sighs and closes her eyes. Let Edward and I live happily ever after. Let me live with my true love. Let us… “both live happily ever after… huh? AHHHHHHHH!”

The fall never seems to stop.
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Once upon a time...

The troll was closing in on her. He had smashed in to her lovely forest cottage absolutely horridly determined to eat her. Giselle had escaped by running on to the branches but the troll followed, nimble despite his bulk. She felt more frightened than she ever had in her entire life. Even more so when the branch sagged under added weight - somehow, Pip had caught up with them.

"I've got to lay off the nuts."

But that didn't seem to stop the troll.

Giselle gasped, holding on to the tip of the branch for dear life. Any moment now and she'd slip. She'd slip and fall and never find her true love.

It was a positively awful way to go.


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